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New Casino Sites 2022 – The future is here

In the UK, the casino industry is moving fast (read about the history of gambling here). The latest casinon sites that have popped up have been light-years ahead of the classic casinos like or, and the innovation is just getting started. When online casinos first came around it was a miracle to be able to spin the slots or roulette wheels at home, and untill now almost everything have been working in the same way. Sure there have been new cool videoslots and innovation in the games sector, but most casinos have stayed the same.

That is, untill 2014 when Casino Heroes launched their casino (formely known as Casino Saga). With gamification they had created a magical world where players created their avatars, played casino games and could gain levels. They could also face bosses in fights, just like in a video game, and if the players won these fights, they were rewarded with free spins or bonuses.

After Casino Heroes, we saw a boost in new online casinos with gamification elements, but after a while it was not about innovation, just about copying other peoples work. Now, when we’re soon going in to 2019, I’m dreaming away about what new awesome casinos and features we might run in to. Here’s some things I think we might see at new casino sites 2019:

  • More wager free bonuses – It’s almost a safe bet to say, but still needs to be said. These are getting more and more traction and I would be amazed if the trend did not continue.
  • Implementation of skill games at the casinos – Perhaps I’m wishing for too much, but it would be really cool to add skill games to the casino. Perhaps where 25% is skill and 75% is luck. That would definitely attract a whole new crowd.
  • 3D-Casino for real – Not the boring stuff we’ve seen so far. A real 3D online casino experience is still not out there. I’m talking VIP-tables, hostesses, after parties etc. It’s a big one, but it can be done!

During 2021, we have seen a growing demand for crypto casinos, offering gamblers to play with their crypto assets. The industry believed this would be a big hit in 2018/2019, but it came later. Now more and more bitcoin, doge and LTC Casino are opening up online.

New Casino Sites in Norway

The best way to browse through some New casino sites in Norway is on Casinotipsene. Here you will find rich lists of some of the best sites available online today. Find newly released bonuses and choose from a wide range of table games. There are also a lot of the latest news regarding the casino industry so if you want to read up on what’s happening, you should definitely pay them a visit.

There are also other guides and tips for Norwegian players who are looking to improve your gambling online. Casinotipsene offers a wide range of casinos with welcome offers full of free spins to collect. Browse through their lists to find the best casino site for you.

Use your brain when choosing a casino site

The purpose of this site is to give you enough information so that when you do (or don´t) choose a casino site in the future, you will be able to do a more educated choice. To many people go to some random casino review site and just click on the highest rated website. That could of course be a good way to go about it if you knew the review site was genuine and honest, but that’s not always the case.

Many times, the review site is working closely with the operators, or even worse, is owned by the operators. As a visitor, this is not something you easily can find out, so best practice is to learn how to evaluate the casinos yourself. Find the best Casinos of 2020 with the help of the Gorilla.

Things to look for if browsing for a gambling site:

  • Licence (Choose UK regulated with licence in Malta = tax free winnings).
  • Shady terms & conditions. Never choose a brand that have limits on withdrawals or winnings etc.
  • Company details. A quick search on Google will tell you if the company have other brands and players might have reviewed the brands on forums.

About New Casino Sites is a UK based website run by me, Adam. I write all the articles published on the website and I do the main part of the design work as well (even if my Photoshop skills are very limited).

The idea of starting a website with information about new casino sites have been on my mind for a very long time, especially since I’m a total casino nerd myself (as you might have guessed lol). I just felt there was no serious options out there with correct and honest information about how new online casinos work and what the dos and dont’s are. Finally I stopped dreaming about creating my own website and just did it, and the rest is history.

Please feel you can contact me if you’re in search of something unique, and I might be able to help you. I will try to cover as many elements of the casino industry as possible, but all tips are appreciated. Thanks for visiting my website!

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