Free spins

This is Adam here again, welcoming you to another article that I have written. This time I am going to tell you about free spins. I will be answering questions like what are free spins, why casinos are giving them away, and, most importantly, can you actually turn your free spins into real money.

What are free spins?

Let us start with the actual basics here. What exactly are free spins?

To establish this, we need to understand what a regular ‘spin’ is. In the online casino industry, a spin is your one try at an online slot. When you press play, the slots machine will start and the reels will begin to spin. After this is over, any winnings will be dealt out. Then the spin is over.

One spin can cost anything from about 10p to perhaps 100 quid, depending on your preference and your game of choice. Normally, the common folk will probably enjoy stakes of 25p to £1, but it is of course up to you. Most games have a lot of different stakes to choose from due to to the fact that there are all kinds of different players out there.

The more you wager, the more you will win. Your stake only serves as a multiplier. The more money you have, the more you will probably wager at a time. Most high-rollers will not really enjoy playing with just a one-pound stake, whereas so-called casual players will probably not want to wager 10 pounds or more per spin.

Let us get back to our original question, though. Free spin is of course a spin that doesn’t cost you any money at all. This is not to be confused with the free spins that you get from bonus features, although they do have the same name, really. Free spins emanating from said features are often very unlike your typical free spins, which are generally just regular spins that are free.

Why are casinos giving away spins for free?

This is due to the fact that the casino world itself is pretty crazy. The sheer amount of competition is just out of this world as there are tens and probably hundreds of casinos out there looking to cash in on the success of the business as a whole. So, casino are basically giving away free spins and deposit bonuses just to compete with other casinos that are doing the exact same thing. It’s a dog eat casino world out there.

Free spins on new casinos

What most of our visitors are here searching for are new casino free spins. In other words, spins free of charge on the latest online casinos in the UK.

Why on newer operators and not old? Well, that’s actually because established casinos don’t generally hand our as many spins as new casinos does.

It’s not cause they are cheap, it’s cause they already have such a large database of players so they don’t need to give to much away to attract new customers.

Can you profit from free spins?

This is the question that most people are asking, and for good reason. Free spins sound like something very inviting, but can you actually turn your free spins into real cash? The fact of the matter is that it is pretty hard. This is due to the fact that there’s almost always a catch with free spins. Namely, the wagering requirements make it hard for you to actually turn your spins into money.

The requirements could, for example, state, that you actually have to wager your free spins winning 30 times before you can get any cash from them. This means that if you end up winning, say, 5 pounds with your 50 free spins on offer, you will have to multiply this with 30, which brings us to an equation £5 x 30. You would then have to use your 5 pounds to play 150 pounds worth! This is certainly no easy task, as you would have to win a lot more with your 5 pounds to be able to stake that much. It is possible, yet highly unlikely. Of course, us casino fanatics would know all about that. We play mostly because it’s fun, not because it’s likely that we’ll win. After all, you don’t take part in the National Lottery expecting to win—you take part in it because you could win. Otherwise you can’t.

Until next time!