Responsible Gambling

Good day, everyone! This is Adam for New Casino Sites again with another dose of gambling information. This time I will talk to you about something that really needs to be addressed. I would feel bad if I didn’t discuss this thing as it’s affecting such many lives. At this site, I talk a lot about gambling and how fun it is—and it should be. The thing is that for some people it is something hard to remain calm while playing. Of course, to an extent, we play for the excitement and the thrill. But as with drinking, smoking, eating and just about everything else in your life, you have to know your limits and essentially do things in moderation instead of doing them in excess.

In this article, I will be mostly talking about how casinos are helping you to solve your problems and make things easier if you feel like you’re overdoing things.

Licenses are there to help you

When an online casino has a respected license, it tells you that they are doing a good job in making things safe and secure for their players. This probably includes taking the principles of responsible gaming seriously. So, look for an online casino that has at least one or two licenses, preferably from either Malta or the UK. If the casino only has a Curacao license, it’s an indicator that things might not be quite as stellar. It is the European licenses that guarantee you maximum security. For example, if you play online casino from India, it’s the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) licence you want to see in the footer of the casino site. There are a lot of great guides about safe gambling out there, but we recommend the Guide 2 Gambling, who does in-depth research and articles about gaming online.

Responsible gaming controls

When you enter a new online casino, the first thing you should do is the scroll the page down and see what the site has down below. Most of the time they will have some information on payment methods, an About Us page and perhaps some information about their dedication to Responsible gaming. If they don’t have this last bit anywhere to be seen, it might be that they’re not taking things into consideration as much as they should be.

The responsible gaming subpage most often gives you information about how to identify your possible gambling addiction with the help of some questions to ask yourself. These could include things like “Are you gambling too much” or “Are you trying to win back your losses” to things like “Have your loved ones criticised your gambling habits.” These are fine questions to ask yourself and might just help you identify your problems.

Then, if you’re logged in, a good casino will offer you appropriate gaming controls to help you limit your behaviour. A good casino doesn’t want to exploit your weaknesses, but want to take care of you in a way that helps you overcome your addiction. Below are some of the things they might be offering:

Maximum deposit

Here, you could limit the maximum amount of money that the casino allows you to deposit at a time. You could even set this limit to per day, per week, per month or perhaps even per year. This will help you curb your habits of depositing money straight after you’ve lost some in order to win them all back.

Maximum losses

Oftentimes you can even limit your losses. If you’ve been losing too much, the casino will pull the brakes and forbid you from playing any longer.


This is the most radical way of keeping you from playing. You can request that the casino doesn’t let you log in during a certain period of time. This could be anything from one week to even three years. This is the surest way to put a stop to your addictive behaviour.

responsible gambling

One more thing to consider

One difficult thing about limiting your gambling is that there are so many casinos out there nowadays. Even if you decide to self-exclude yourself from your favourite casino, you could just find another casino to sign up to. Because of this, there are certain softwares like Gamban that you can download to block gambling sites from your browser. There are many things to do to control your gaming, so do not let a fun thing turn into something bad!