Top 5 Games To Make Money From

Do you love to play games? Do you often have to sacrifice play for work and everyday obligations? How about if a gaming company pays you for playing their game? That’s right. You can enjoy your games and earn cash doing so! Making money this way may not replace your regular income source but can be a side hustle worth exploring.

Five Games to Earn Some Side Cash

These games are downloadable on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. They are also ad-sponsored, which is why gaming companies can offer them for free. Gaming companies typically pay earners via payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe,, and Paytm. In this article, we will look at five of the games in this niche.

Wealth Words

If you are passionate about words or a fan of Scrabble, trivia, and other word games, Wealth Words gives you further incentive to heighten your passion—you can earn cash by playing either Wealth Words’ crossword, poem, or story games. Anyone 18 years or above can make several thousands of dollars in a month playing this game. Wealth Words is available in English, Chinese, and Hindi languages. You need not invest any funds, even though buying additional tokens increases your chances of winning more.

Corporation Master

This game offers two modes. The first mode is a simulated business environment in which each player sets up or runs a virtual corporation with virtual money in a virtual economy. In this virtual economy, each gamer undertakes business with other players, deals with banks, earns a profit, and pays taxes as they would in the actual business world. They can cash out their virtual balances as cash. The second mimics an actual war situation. The player figures out war strategies and makes moves to win battles and earn points. These points are also convertible to real cash. is the publisher of this game. 

Wink Bingo

A mobile version of the traditional bingo game, Wink Bingo is available for iOS devices. Like classic bingo, the mobile version is a game of chance in which a player draws a set of numbers. A random number generator displays numbers one after the other. The application automatically checks each player’s chosen numbers with those displayed by the generator. The first player to have all his numbers checked is the winner and earns the prize. You can try your luck with Wink Bingo for iOS devices.

HQ Trivia

Do you have a grasp of facts from a broad range of subjects? If you do, this game is for you. Now known as HQ, this is a free-to-play game that lets you answer multiple-choice questions at 10 seconds per question for which players win prizes. Occasionally, players will share winnings among themselves. HQ is also a live mobile show resembling a TV reality show and featured in The New York TimesThe Today ShowTimeABC, and CNBC. Not only does it offer fun and money, but the game is also intellectually stimulating. Intermedia Labs are publishers of HQ Trivia.

Online Casinos

The alternative to playing on specific game sites or downloading shady apps to your phone is to play on trusted online casinos. Online casinos offer players several game options on a single platform. Such options facilitate seamless game switching without having to run from one site or device to another. Besides, some casinos eliminate financial risks by allowing players a chance to claim no-deposit bonuses, which are waivers that enable gamers to play for free. These bonuses are an attraction to new players. Also, by sticking with a particular site long enough, players get to build loyalty points with which they can buy credits for more plays or to win prizes.

Final Thoughts

Game developers in this arena seek to merge fun with finance. Many people spend hours playing their favorite games every day, and nothing is preventing you from picking something you like and making some cash along the way. You can also easily find places that offer incentives to cushions players against financial risks, so you can join in the fun without even if you’re a complete beginner. Good luck, and have fun!

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